$800K Kobe Bryant Signed Farewell Hardwood Court To IPO Through Rally

An autographed portion of the hardwood court from Kobe Bryant’s final game in 2016 has been acquired by Rally, an investment platform that provides access to blue-chip collectibles through the form of initial public offerings. 

Rally will make the one-of-a-kind collectible available on its investment platform, offering 100,000 shares of the at $8.00 apiece.

The late Bryant dropped 60 points on the Utah Jazz before famously saying “Mamba Out” as he walked off the Staples Center court for the last time. The Black Mamba’s penned signature sits right in the middle of the purple and white No. 8 which he wore his first ten seasons as a Laker.

In an interview with our Nick DePaula, Rally Co-Founder, Rob Petrozzo says offering unique items like this one has always been part of the vision for their brand. 

“This is something this is such a special moment and such a 1-of-1 moment,” Petrozzo said. “For us at Rally, one of the big goals has always been to give fans access to legendary moments, and the assets and items that played a pivotal role in those moments.”

For Petrozzo, the signed hardwood from Kobe’s last game was extra meaningful and something he wanted to share with others who grew up idolizing the Lakers legend. 

“As a lifelong Kobe fan that watched his entire career from start to finish, we knew that everybody that watched Kobe’s career wanted access to it,” he said. “We wanted to purchase it on their behalf to a certain degree and make sure that everybody could have access to it.”

Rally has made it a point to make its presence known in all facets of the sports world, partnering with NFL Stars Deshaun Watson and Jalen Ramsey. In 2019, Watson stepped into The Boardroom with Jay Williams to discuss his partnership with Rally and what drew him to the company.

“Anything that I’m interested in, I can have a piece of,” Watson said. “I’m interested in music, cars, fashion, traveling, history. I can be a part of that and feel like I’m growing with the value of the piece.”

Deshaun Watson