with Rich Kleiman + Gianni Harrell
“The Boardroom: Out of Office” brings fans inside the candid conversations that entrepreneurs, athletes, entertainers, and executives have with each other once they’ve left the confines of work itself. From career trajectories to the ins and outs of entrepreneurship to the “aha” moments along the way, host Rich Kleiman gives fans a look at culture in a brand new way, by examining life at the intersection of business and entertainment.

Out of Office: Co-Founder of StockX Josh Luber

Josh Luber is an entrepreneur, long-time trading card collector, and co-founder of StockX, the on-line sneaker and collectibles marketplace he co-founded with Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert. Luber talks to Rich and Gianni about his early entrepreneurial learnings, alternating between corporate jobs and startups after getting his MBA/JD from Emory University, creating Campless, a sneaker data company, while working at IBM, and his life-changing meeting with Dan Gilbert where they decided to create a “stock market for sneakers.” Luber also dives into why he thinks it’s a golden age for trading cards, and how that’s led him to the creation of his new venture, Six Forks Kids Club, an alternative asset management company focused on trading cards.

Out of Office: Justin Tuck on going from NFL to Goldman Sachs exec

Episode 29

Out of Office: Mark Jackson on his 17-year career, his leadership qualities, & more

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Out of Office: Filmmaker & Entrepreneur Jamie Patricof

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Out of Office: Omar Raja on creating House of Highlights, getting acquired by Bleacher Report, and leaving Bleacher for ESPN



with Kevin Durant + Eddie Gonzalez
Welcome to the ETCs Podcast with Kevin Durant, where KD, co-host Eddie Gonzalez, and special guests will have candid conversations about the best of sports, music, entertainment, and culture.

The ETCs: Shams Charania on Breaking NBA News & More

This week KD and Eddie are joined by legendary NBA reporter Shams Charania from The Athletic and Stadium. The guys talk with Shams about what he’s doing away from basketball, including the shows he’s bingeing, the music he’s listening to and how often he gets to go hoop. Plus, Shams breaks a little news, and KD discusses trash talking on the court and how Kevin Garnett’s trash talking legacy left its imprint on the league for years to come.

The ETCs: Catching Up With KD

Episode 5

The ETCs: UFC legend Kamaru Usman on his career, his next fight, & more

Bonus Episode

The ETCs Bonus Episode w/ Quavo presented by Verizon Up

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The ETCs: LaVar Ball